Moving the Spartan

Yesterday evening we moved th Spartan from it’s temporary site next to the barn to a (hopefully) more permanent location across the drive.


Site selection took a while. The other candidate area was quite exposed to he wind, though it had better southern exposure for the solar panels. Plus and a minus. But the wind can be a big minus, which was vivid in my mind after a week of temperatures in the teens. It was also a tad less pretty. The site we chose, on a little mound between the woods and the pond, with a meadow beyond that and the farmer’s field beyond that, has more wind breaks and more trees. We’ll see how the solar does.

Ryan (of Wallace Farms and Qwiksolar and a major booster of the #trailerlife project) and Noah (who has tiny house plans of his own) made everything happen, sine they had access to the big machines and knew how to drive them.

First I had to prep the trailer. Everything not secured had to be moved to the floor. Since neither my Ikea Kallax cabinets nor the galley cabinets have any locks on them yet, I had to empty those too. Seeing everything spilled out onto the floor, it hit me that I already (and still) have too much stuff. More things gotta go!

Here’s me showing off my opposable thumb:


Before we tackled the Spartan, the solar panel array had to be disconnected and relocated. We decided earlier in the project to put the panels seperate from th trailer and not (yet) on the roof. Mostly this was exigency; Ryan already had four panels mounted to two pallets and wired together for an event, and we were in a time crunch. The 10′ wire connecting the panels to the trailer, however, gave us a little freedom to change their angle and location, which has proven to be useful. Also, I’d like to stop the leaks in the Spartan roof before putting more holes up there!

Noah spearheaded this part of the operation. Here he is behind the controls of the skid steer:


The hallmark of the day was “slowly!” The ground was frozen but uneven. But we got the panels to the new site without a hitch. Here’s Noah again:


A hitch is what we needed, however, to move the trailer. Ryan decided to use the tractor rather than van because it was more powerful and more fluid, and slower, which again was not a bad thing.

It’s always a little amazing to watch the Spartan move. It always reminds me of the whale in Moby Dick. Unlikely somehow.


Noah and I were on walky-talkies, trying our best to guide Ryan. Finally the Spartan was placed, and the solar panels reconnected. After a little beer and lasagna at Ryan’s, I headed back to put everything back onto shelves and into cabinets. Today I woke up to a totally new view. About which, anon.




One thought on “Moving the Spartan

  1. Doug, you should be proud of your achievements
    And fortunate to have good friends to assist you.I can,t wait too
    See your new home


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